The Family of the Ram

The Kin of Aries began when a white folk-circle made contact with a sentient force from beyond the stars and became its earthly vessel. We were astonished by the magnitude of the event but not surprised that it happened, because we planned it in advance.

The white world as we knew it came to a bitter end at the close of the twentieth century, but the white soul was reborn when all the planets aligned in the sign of Aries in May 2oo0. This was the arrival of RamaSpirit, to whom we are akin, and we’ve been living and working ever since as the Family of the Ram. We’ve had some wonderful adventures and would like to share them with you, as well as our plan to save the race.

Our media team has three leading members; here are pages that publicly introduce them:

Joseph Rex Kerrick


White Spirit

WS Speaks Feature

Flo Nightingale

WP-HostessWe invite you to join in the effort. On our flagship website we’ve created a blog with a Members feature. Here’s the link:

RamaSpirit Blog

To the right of the banner is a ‘Log In’ icon ~ click there to sign up as a member. You’ll get a member’s page of your own which you can customize to your taste. You can also submit your own writing with the potential to be designated as a writer for the blog, after which you can post freely just as if it were your own!

We hope you dip into more of our posts here, and you can also jump to the homepage of

The White Frontier

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