The Patrix


Instant Recap: The bottom line of the political-racial-spiritual apocalyptic conflict is sexual: the globalist-Zionist-financial world order is subsumed in a larger plot for female supremacy, embodied in the archetype of the Black Goddess Kali, ruler of the present degenerate Yuga.

6. The Patrix

Global civilization is in the grip of the most extreme form of female domination in the history of the species. It was made possible by the genetic deterioration induced by industrialism, and empowered by the high technology that has created a mass society totally removed from nature. If the present trend were to continue, it could transmogrify humanity into a technohive of biologically female but functionally genderless creatures ruled by a queen-elite in service to Kali.

What will it take to head off this looming gendercide, save the male sex, and hence prevent the species from shrinking to subhuman status? It can only be done with the arising of a new yang power, an upsurge of masculine will and potency expansive enough to lift its head to the heights of heaven, fill the towering Form of Man, and face down Kali eye-to-eye.

There are signs of such a power arising embryonically in the white right, which recently expanded/rebranded into the Alt-Right. However, we have to be circumspect in these postmodern times when the Internet makes it virtually impossible to sort out what is real and what is not. A large pool of shared beliefs and cultural norms would in the past have pointed to a solid society of significant size and geographical extent, but today it’s most often the property of a cybercult whose members act out a shared fantasy online, flexing personae and avatars that bear little resemblance to their roles in real life. Fortunately, there does seem to be a lot of real-life interface with the serious values of the white/Alt-Right, notably a shift toward traditional families, so that the landscape is dotted with a smattering of white households made up of a father, mother, and more than the average number of children, which in the mainstream white population has shrunk to about one and a half ~ not to mention half- and quarter-siblings from serial monogamy, and many who in a bygone era were called octaroons.

The quantity and quality of women in the Alt-Right far exceeds anything ever seen or dreamed of in the old white nationalist movement, from the postwar era through the turn of the millennium. There’s little consensus among them, however, beyond affirming at least the concept of traditional gender roles and the need for more white babies. So it’s not surprising that many Alt-Right women indulge in the happy pastime of posting softcore porn pics of themselves on social media and reveling in the response from cucked males, often a collective cybergasm. Then a phalanx of their supposed sisters steps forth and berates them as sluts, and still another wing chimes in that the critics probably prefer burqas. And young women exposed from birth to gender-bent media distortions of two-fisted man-bashing superheroines and gun-slinging wendigos tend to cultivate aggressive identities and promote fantasies of Alt-Right women warriors, invoking the likes of Brunhilde and Boudicca to concoct a “tradition” that predates Wonder Woman.

The male half of the dialogue is also largely within the hi-tech online cyber-Matrix, and the voices that emerge too often criticize the women for not matching up with the fantasies and ideals projected onto them, with little reference to the harsh conditions and daily challenges of real life.

To escape from the postmod fantasyland and chart a course to a viable white future, we have to crack through the crust and drill down to the deepest layer of human life and sexual reality: the primal foundation. Paleolithic cultures are totally male-dominated, with the big exception of black Africa for anthropological reasons that pivot on race. Everywhere else the pattern is that men use their superior physical strength and their yang nature to create a perimeter that bounds the tribe geographically and psychically; it protects the kindred from the predators surrounding them, and also prevents them from leaving the sphere of influence. The women and children are encompassed by this sphere like the living walls of a womb: it gives them life, and breaking out of it would mean death. Thus it could be called a matrix, which means “womb”; but because it is male we rename it the Patrix.


In the Patrix there is no law but that of nature, instinctively understood and obeyed by all, enforced externally by the hostile powers beyond the Patrix and internally by the collective will of the men of the tribe. Here’s a brief look at the mating customs that naturally evolve within the Patrix, drawing from a field study of primal European tribes preserved in the historical record:

Spirit-Primal Fusion, First sequence

Further chapters unveil the customs of the Eastern branch of the race, the ancient Aryans:

Second sequence ~ Polygamy

8. The Origin of the Oldest Profession

The main difference can be told in a paraphrase of a famous couplet on the subject:

Higamous, hogamous, the West was monogamous;

Hogamous, higamous, the East was polygamous.

The common element, of course, was that both erotic traditions were nestled firmly within the Patrix.

7. Batter My Heart

Coming soon!


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