He and She ~ The Birth of Gender

The Divine Dyad

Instant recap: Deuce accepted the otherness of Unam, who told him about the glory of the supernal realm. He said that the gateway to it is death, but Deuce rejected this, convinced that death is the end. They agreed to an experiment in which Unam would try to share his divine beatitude with Deuce. The outcome was total ecstatic communion, producing a miraculous substance which OM-God named loosh.

5. He and She ~ The Birth of Gender

OM-God inhaled Unam and Deuce along with the loosh they had made, thus bringing Round Six to a dramatic conclusion. He breathed out a new universe for Round Seven, and it recapitulated all the events of its predecessors, up through the scene of its God dwelling alone in the Abyss. Then for the first time OM-God himself repeated one of his actions and entered the cosmos, whereupon he condensed again into Unam, who had only a vague inkling that it was his second time around. Everything repeated through the merging of Unam and Deuce into OM-God, but this time he continued the round with a new stage of creation.

In Chapter One we saw that the Hindus believe that the God in the Abyss (whom they call Purusha) could divide in half, spawning his wife Prakriti. We’ve learned, though, that he lacked that power, since he was only a conditioned being. But now the omnipotent OM-God found himself fully manifest within the confines of the seventh universe, and his will was to fission in two. It was not an arbitrary act of divine intervention, but the natural outcome of what the conditioned beings had done: when two join together into one, it follows that they will eventually split back into their separate identities. The process, however, may cause them to change ~ anything from a minor morph to an alchemical transmutation.

And this is what happened to Unam and Deuce when they were born again. Unam had been the active agent of their union, and Deuce the passive. Further, Deuce had to relinquish his fear-riddled stance and give himself up to trust and faith in the other. This was the origin of the great redemptive archedox of spiritual surrender, called bhakti by the Hindus, whereby a soul attains union with God through an intermediary. It’s the essence of Yin, and so the new incarnation of Deuce was a being whose form was an embodiment of Yin; in a word, it was female.

Now it must be clarified that even though I’ve used the masculine pronoun for the other characters in the cosmic drama thus far, they were not male, especially not OM-God ‘him’self. Rather, they were yang in a primordial sense that predates and transcends gender. So there is no gender-bending at all in my account of how Deuce evolved from that protean state and descended into the heavier density wherein she became the first female being in the ÜberStory. At the very same moment of their separation from OM-God, Unam became the first male being, an equally momentous change of state even though his pronoun remains the same.

Let it further be clear that although they achieved sexual differentiation, Unam and Deuce were still not man and woman, for these honorifics are reserved for beings who have incarnated in hard matter (the third density, as it’s known in some circles), a much later stage of the ÜberStory, as told here: How the Gods Came Down.

The new identities of Unam and Deuce can best be described as God and Goddess ~ for this was also the genesis of these deities, destined to beget the star-spangled cosmos and its myriad of sentient beings. And there they were in what could well be called the seventh heaven: God the Father and God the Mother, while overshining them was OM-God, the supreme embodiment of Spirit. When asked to explain the Holy Trinity, the best Saint Patrick could do was to pluck a shamrock. I hope some readers find my detailed rendering more informative and illuminating!

To be continued


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