Plandemic Resistance Network

by The Kin of Aries

The Corona plandemic is a stratagem by the ruling elite to create mass hysteria which it can leverage into a global totalitarian state. The truth about the plague is revealed by doctors and medical experts who refuse to be silenced: Covid-19 is just another strain of influenza, and the dystopian protocols of lockdown, face-masks, and social distancing actually increase the contagion and make more people sicker. It’s all so dramatically contrary to what should be done that there can be no doubt that the harm is being inflicted on the people intentionally. We conclude that it’s a deliberate ploy to trigger the endgame. Ready or not, the Coronapocalypse is upon us!

At that link you’ll find our ongoing analysis with the grisly details, but the nutshell is that the worst nightmares of the most paranoid doomers are now closing in on us IRL. The last bastion of personal freedom, the U.S. Constitution, has been ripped to shreds and the Bill of Rights overridden in the name of a permanent medical emergency. The time has come to draw the line, circle the wagons, head for the hills, hunker down in the bunkers, or however you’d care to say it. And to everyone who hears the trumpet, our message is: let’s do it together!

Plenty of preppers are well-stocked with guns & butter in their fortresses of solitude, ready for a whole range of deadly scenarios: armed assault by troops under the aegis of the ATF, FBI, ZOG, UN, China, Russia, etc., or the ravenous mobs from the cities when TSHTF. But the enemy has outwitted even these foresighted folks by updating their smartphones with contact-tracing apps. This means that if some casual acquaintance comes down with corona flu, the local sheriff can show up at their door on a perfectly normal day with a warrant to escort everyone on the premises to the nearest quarantine facility.

The only defense against this insidious new regime is a network of like-minded people & groups, stretching as far and wide as possible.

We can begin on the internet. Censorship of social media continues to escalate, but there’s enough freedom of speech across a wide array of venues to make it a viable strategy. It allows people to opt for whatever degree of anonymity they choose, with the hope that ongoing communication can build sufficient trust for people to connect IRL whenever they feel ready for it.

As the connections get deeper, people can begin to pool resources and set up methods for mutual aid when the inevitable emergencies arise. Those who live in places less vulnerable to infringe-ment on their liberties can assist others in moving nearby, creating the potential for collective defense in worst-case scenarios. Local cooperative efforts like this might even evolve into genuine communities, and become havens for more kindred as circumstances develop.

Three members of our group serve as an outreach team on social media. Here are links to their accounts; if you’re on any of these venues, feel free to follow or friend them. If you mention “Plandemic Resistance” you’ll quickly be followed back or friended.

And/or you can contact us directly by email:

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